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Last FMA Fan Standing

True Story

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The Icon Alchemist
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Vini, Vidi, Vici Edium

Have you taken the oath?
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Stone is a little wayward punk of an Sidhe prince living in a modern-day Philadelphia that should be, but sadly, isn't.
Fen'Paz is the Oathbound demonkin Kingsguard assigned to protect him.

klgaffney is sheer talent. I can't say enough about the complexity and beauty of this series.

| Ling Yao

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tsuki_no_bara said it best: Defriending Amnesty. If you're not reading my lj or you only skim it occasionally, or you don't want me to read yours, and for whatever reason you still have me friended, what are you waiting for? Altho if you're not reading you won't see this.... but still. I won't burst into tears or fling angst and woe everywhere or go after you with a rusty spork. I won't even ask. And I add: This should not be construed as I don't want to be friends with you or I am discouraging new friends. It's just an out for those who need one.

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