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Happy Birthday to Me! [
12.12.12 - 6:12am]
Ok I feel a little egotistical posting this, but Cucumis made me a birthday Roy! How did she even know it was my birthday?
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My Life in Puppets [
11.12.12 - 6:13am]
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This is for You, Bob. You know Why. [
25.11.12 - 5:00pm]
Oh bob_fish, what have you done?
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Update on Bug [
19.11.12 - 8:37am]
Here is her sassy self! She doesn't even look the same
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Animal Central [
08.11.12 - 12:00pm]
On top of finding out I might be fostering Bella after all...

The guys at work just CAUGHT A PARAKEET!


I'm glad they did, he might have froze to death outside tonight! One of them caught him in his hat, the other is taking him home as a new pet!
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Even the Doctor has an OTP [
03.11.12 - 4:39pm]

...and he did!
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Murdered Cupcakes [
20.10.12 - 8:36pm]

It was a grizzly serial murder of baked proportions
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And again, Bella [
18.10.12 - 1:56pm]
Before I even got to foster her...BELLA GOT ADOPTED! This is good news, I'm a little disappointed, but it's great news for Bella!
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Bella [
18.10.12 - 11:40am]
This is Bella. It came to our attention that her current foster mother had some family issues to attend to and Bella was going to lose her foster home. Jeri and I felt we could help out by being her new foster home until she gets adopted. Today I meet Bella and she meets us and we see if we are a good fit. I hope lots of Bella pictures to follow! (I hear that Elvis the cat beats her up right now, so she will be use to Ed the cat beating on her XD)
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Cupcakes of Doom [
13.10.12 - 9:10pm]

Ok, not of Doom I suppose, but at least I got them done!

Also, lots of spiders
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Big Girl Bug [
11.10.12 - 10:46pm]

Just keeps growing! Getting so big <3
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She's getting so big! [
02.10.12 - 10:53am]
Such a cute picture! I won't pretend I don't miss her, but she has a great home!
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Halloween Marble Cake [
30.09.12 - 8:32pm]

This cake required real baking

Halloween Bundt CakeCollapse )
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Fall Rice Krispie Bundt 'Cake' [
30.09.12 - 8:20pm]

I had a baking weekend, here are there results of the first cake

Easy Peasy Fall YummyCollapse )
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Bug Update the Second [
28.09.12 - 5:06pm]

Here she is with her other slave friend!
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Bug Update [
28.09.12 - 9:35am]

Ladybug with her new friend <3
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Bug in her new home! [
22.09.12 - 9:35am]

Bug Update:

She's been introduced to her two new canine brothers, Minnie and (I forget the name), a pair of shitzu's that live with a cat already. They want to play, but Bug is still reserved.

She's been introduced to Frenchy the cat (15 years old), who is about as impressed as my lot was.

She has two grown up kitten entertainment people who stay home with her all day! She has a big sister (sister to my friend Jessica) who is pictured and still lives at home and wants her to sleep in her room all the time.

Christine (lady who adopted her) was so sweet and thankful to have her.

I feel better about it already, look how comfy she is!
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My BugBug [
21.09.12 - 7:05pm]
Bug went to live with her new mommy I'm happy and sad now. I'm glad she will have a great home and I miss her very much already.
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Dallas comes to visit [
20.09.12 - 8:11am]

When we got to work today, Dallas was here! Dallas is a super friendly labradoodle, but he's also the size of a small horse. I was not very impressed and demonstrated I know how to hiss very well!
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Blue Eye Baby [
19.09.12 - 8:46am]

it has been hard to get a good pic of her blue eyes but I finally did!
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