The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

Look Bob, this is Your Fault.


The wife is flabbergasted. There are many parts. Kotetsu has 2 sets of hands and other stuff I'm not sure of; they both have the good luck mode attachments. But you'd have to take off an arm and a leg and I'm to chicken to try it right away. They have stands. They have instructions in japanese. I tried to pose Barnaby like he is on the back of his box because he looks like a tool and failed.

They have now displaced a large Armor!Al figure on top of my computer desk. Armor!Al went to live with plushie Greed!Ling over on the bookcase. The matching Ed from that particular set is not happy. Thanks for making me buy toys that ruin my FMA scheme.
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