The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

My Life in OTP

As show here by the lovely and gifted bob_fish, may she ever reign <3 THANK YOU!!
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So flattered, ego explodes ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
all you got to do is be as prolific as Uri and I would snatch your stuff to post, too XD It is LOVE, love love love and I strokes my computer screen while staring at it I'll have you know. I love that Roy is leaning into him, that Ed is holding Roy's face, it's just UGH, so much love <33333
Uri is amazing! I don't know how she manages to be so prolific and so fast and so good, I am in awe of her skills. I wanted them to look very married but very very into each other, so I'm glad it is working for you! Also, I see they both neglected to wear gloves. XD The cold weather obviously caught them out the way it did me yesterday (it's below freezing in London, BRRRR).
Love Love Love this image!! AWESOME!

Will done bob_fish, you are awesome babe!
This picture started out awesome and every time I look at again it it gets more so.
Hehe, yay! XD
<333 Big squee for amazing bob_fish art and an ever bigger squee for the wedding band on Ed's finger! \o/
awww. and ed isn't half roy's size!