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Crack Theatre - Special

Ed: What's with the monkey suit?
Roy: And here I thought you'd appreciate the gesture. Silly me.
Ed: I feel like I'm going out with my tax accountant.

Roy: Ties make a statement. Of course, leather pants make a statement, too.
Ed: Oh yeah? Badass, huh?
Roy: Easy, as in floosy.

Ed: Is that so Mr. Tight Ass? I think ties say 'has-been' and 'old'.
Roy: You equate anything that speaks of maturity as 'old'.
Ed: I think maturity sucks. Where did you get that suit? CPA's R Us?

Roy: I got it at a tall man's store, which is somewhere you'll never visit.
Ed: Oh, you mean Anus Wear Men's Clothing downtown?
Roy: I was going to take you....what is Al doing?
Ed: He must have seen a smudge. Don't start in on my brother, well this version of my brother, he's special.

Al: Hi brother, what are you doing?
Ed: Talking to my accountant. Did you get the floor clean?
Al: Wow, your accountant looks just like the Colonel! Does the Colonel know? Is he missing any siblings? Do you think he was a twin separated at birth?
Roy:....Al, it's me, I'm the Colonel.
Al: OMG, your twin's rank is Colonel, too!

Roy: You know, I think he's so special I'm a little worried about him. Sky wants it noted here that the camera screwed up a couple of pictures and she's too much of a lazy ass to get everyone back into position and re-take them. Alphonse, I think what you need is a new perspective. Now see your brother there...
Ed: You're touching my brother.
Roy: See how over-reactional he is? This isn't something you want to adopt into your life. I'm thinking what you need is a better role model.
Ed: You got your pedo hands on my special little brother.
Roy: Confrontation with lethal objects can land you jail time, ok? I'm not sure that's something Ed will be able to teach you.
Al: It's so shiny, I polish it every night <3
Ed: I'm your under-aged lust object, get your hands off my brother before I get them off for you; at the wrists.

Roy: Fullmetal, you know there is no one else but you for me.
Ed: I don't like you perving on other dolls. I...I can't help it, it makes me feel all funny.
Al: That's it brother, confess your love! I shall block this intimate moment from the world! I shall also, at the same time, do my impersonation of Rose from Titanic!
Roy: The drugs aren't helping, are they?
Ed: Nope.

Al: I love you Jack even though you are doomed to a frozen and watery grave! Let our love be an inspiration to my brother and his boyfriend, so in their gayness they can watch Titanic together and not be afraid to shed tears at the depths of your devotions! Let it's big metal hull symbolize the strength of their love for each other, all except for that ice berg and breaking in half and sinking part! Let your tall smoke stacks, that were unique in the day, although I forget why, represent the size of my brother and his boyfriend's bodly parts love for each other!
Roy: Have you considered electro-shock?
Ed: I've considered the witness protection program actually.

Al: Oh Rose and Jack, even though you are proper opposite gender couple, I will still always think of you as my brother and his...OOOF!!!
Ed: Give it a rest, Al.

Ed: This theatre has been utter fail, now get down here and paw me so she feels our values are still justified. She wants to get MIB editions of us, too.
Roy: I think she whould write a letter to medicom requesting a more proportional me.

Al: It's alright, brother! Even though you are abusive and perverted I will forever ship you and Colonel!
Ed & Roy: *groan*
Sky: Let's put this one in the can, it's not going anywhere!

Obligatory Group on the Shelf Shot

I had the camera out, why not?

Had a lot of pictures and little brain power for scripting:sky_dark
Totally uninvolved in any part of production: hakuyama
Smacked for chewing on Armor!Al's panache causing sky_dark to put him up on the counter, thus forgetting to use him in this photo shoot (and for which Armor!Al is grateful): Ed the Cat
Not interested in dolls in the least (and that makes him sky_dark 's favorite cat): Roy the Cat
Stopping while she has some dignity left: sky_dark

Main reason for this pointlessness: Roy the Doll got a new suit.

Narutard making useless comments in the other room: eli_artemisia

Tags: crack theatre
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