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Crack Theatre - Modes of Transportation

PG-13 for Doll Snogging.
Ed: Here's my bike. Great isn't it? Well, hop on, we'll go out.
Roy: What? Wait, you want me to get on this thing?

Roy: I think I'm going to have to decline, Edward. For one thing, these things are notoriously unsafe, for the second thing I don't think I'll fit.
Ed: What are you talking about? It's perfectly safe. I'm a good driver. Don't be such an old man.
Roy: I'm not an old man, but I want to live to be an old man. Where is that nice car you have? The convertible, I'll let you take me out in that.
Ed: You know, for someone your age I thought you'd want to be cool.


Roy: There was a giant cat behind me, wasn't there?
Ed: Yes, and I'm so damn glad Al is still in the office on the shelf, both of him.

Ed: Look, I'm sitting on it. It's stable, it's fine. Just hop on the back.
Roy: It's also not moving. Let's go in the car, it has a radio.
Ed: You never want to do anything I want to do.
Roy: That's not true, but look at the pratical side of this, Ed. I'm to tall for your bike.
Ed: Tallist.
Roy: Alright, don't start making up prejudice labels again.

Roy: Ok, to please you I'm going to sit on the back and demonstrate that I'm to tall to ride this bike, ok?
Ed: You can just hold your feet up!
Roy: No...I can feel your ass right against my crotch, though.

Roy: In fact, I could just reach around. like this...
Ed: This would be the reason we'd die in a motorcycle accident, this right here.
Roy: I think I might die happy if we were riding naked.

Roy: Let's make a little pit stop.
Ed: We...we haven't gone anywhere.
Roy: Doesn't matter.

L: Oh..oh hi guys

Roy: I thought he belonged to someone else in this house.
Ed: Don't look at me, she had all her little brother's Star Wars toys in the last one, remember?

Ed: Oh hi L, don't mind us, we're sucking face.
L: Don't let me disturb you, I can wait right here until you're done.

Roy: Actually L is just the man to talk to. Statistically speaking, how safe is a motorcycle? Compared to a car; a nice covertible car.
L: That car is nice, I've been in it before. Back during the holidays, you weren't here yet.
Roy: I've seen the pictures.
L: There were 33.38 fatalities per each 100 million miles of travel on a motorcycle while there were only 1.28 fatalities per each 100 million miles of passenger car travel. That's...26 times more likely to die on a motorcycle than in a car.

Roy: Now do you see? Those things are unsafe Edward.

L: And they make your chances of being Kira really low.

Ed: Later losers. I'm taking my 26 times chance of being cooler than either of you. No need for bastard Colonels and Code Monkey Wanna-bes.
L: Bye Ed. Have a good time risking your life.

L: Byyyyeeeeeee
Roy: He won't get very far.
L: You think he's primed to be a statistic?
Roy: No, the motorcycle isn't self propelled and Sky isn't getting up to push it anymore.
Ed: Way to ruin my dramatic exit slack-more!
Sky: I'm tired of scooting around on my butt on this kitchen floor, deal.


Bored on a sunday and decided to take pictures of dolls: sky_dark
Clueless where this story should have gone: sky_dark
Can't write L to save her life: sky_dark
Yelled at cat a lot: sky_dark

Bonus pictures: Just because things.

L's Hammer Time Pants courtesy of some naked Aladdin doll somewhere

Roy loves Ed, and vice versa

Drawing table horror

Ed: AIIIEEEEAAAIIIEEEE!!! My hands! My feet! Both sets!

Ed: PSYCHE! Totally doesn't hurt. Dude, you have weird ass feet.
Roy: Shut up. I see the priviledged doll gets dressed first.

Roy: You're right, this totally doesn't hurt.

The end. I need a nap.
Tags: crack theatre
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