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Crack Theatre - Journey to the Center of the House

I will glady babysit Medicom's Gatebabies...

Ed: Ok, we made it, we're here.
Al: Do you think she saw us?
Ed: I don't know, she never moved, she seems to be in some sort of coma.
Al: She just kept muttering your name, it was weird.

Al: What do you see?
Al: Brother! Be polite! Gosh, we're new here and already you're racking up the people who don't like you!
Ed: Shuddup

Al: Brother! What's going on up there?
Ed: Some kind of hen party, man are they giving me dirty looks
Al: Brrooottthhheeerrr, at least have some decorum, I'm coming up there before I can't show my face in this room ever again!
Ed: This one in yellow looks like a kewpie doll, you gotta see this Al.

Al: Here! Get over here! Excuse us, he hasn't had his medication today.
Ed: HEY! I did so, what? I mean, shuddup!

Al: What do you see?
Ed: ...
Al: What is it?
Ed: Years and years of therapy Al, years and years of therapy

Ed: Uh...I come in peace?
Plastic!Colonel: Very clever, dressing up like Fullmetal to invade the upper shelves, I'll give it to you for that. Now take off that mask and wig. Yo'ure that old G.I. Joe Sky found in the attic, aren't you?
Ed 1, Ed 2, Shirtless!Plastic!Ed: Yeah, take it off pansy boy, we're gonna kick your ass.
Ed: Um, no, I'm Edward Elric and I'd guess you were Roy but...GOD LOVES ME AND YOU'RE REALLY SHORT! My faith is miraculously restored.
Plastic!Colonel: I think you need to get off my shelf.
Ed 1, Ed 2, Shirtless!Plastic!Ed: Yeah, freakishly tall us. Only proportinate to Plastic!Colonel Ed's allowed here.
Ed: What are you all gay for him or something?
Plastic!Colonel: If Medcom is smart, one day you'll eat those words.
Ed: What mooks, I'm outta here.

Al: o_o

Al: Brother! Manners! Hey all these little yous are really cute!
Ed 1, Ed 2, Shirtless!Plastic!Ed: *purrpurrpurr* Al can stay! We like him! Our Al never pets us!
Ed: I'm gonna be sick.
Plastic!Colonel: Not on my shelf!
Ed: Come on Al, quite petting me, them, whatever! We're moving on up!
Al: Awww...

Ed: Hey Al, remember when I said the last shelf would make us need years and years of therapy?
Al: Yeah?
Ed: This shelf insures we'll die making a father and son shrink business very rich.
Al: *sigh*

EyePatch!Roy: Well hellloooo Nurse
Munich!Ed: I absolutely hate the toy industry, why the hell didn't I come in that version?
Plushie!Ed: FRESH MEAT!
Ed: Pretend you never saw me, I was never here
Al: What's going on up there brother?

To Be Continued...
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