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Better Living Through Alchemy - Prologue


Ok, this is a prequel to Better Living Through Alchemy, which is the sequel to The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher It's gonna give you the head's up on where the story picks up! But I can't post it and chapter one together because chapter one is large-ish and LJ is a biatch! So here's everything you need to know *points down at clicky* Thanks!

For the events that lead up to what progresses here, you should read The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher, Parts 1 – 20..

To those who have read it, here is a brief ‘up to speed’ for you:

Alphonse Elric has been restored to flesh and is currently living with his brother Edward Elric in the residence of General Roy Mustang, who also happens to be his brother’s lover. The events following this paragraph are occurring approximately one year after the ending of The Adventures of Roy Mustang: Sex Ed Teacher. This fic is totally Alternate Universe, there are things borrowed from canon, but mostly this is through my own warped imagination. We now pick up our story.

Alphonse is 17 years old and still enlisted in the army, attached to Colonel Hawkeye’s unit and stationed in East City. He’s coping with his own growing maturity, his elder brother’s over protective streak and his own psyche constantly playing tricks on him via strange dreams that he knows, rationally, could be memories. But for the most part, he is happy and looks forward to resigning his commission in the next year when his contract comes due. His Pirate has promised to accept the resignation as his 18th birthday present.

Edward is 23 years old. After several years of toil and hardship, he’s finding delight in being simply a couch potato and the General’s lust object. He still tries to help Alphonse whenever he can and tends to be very worrisome when his little brother isn’t about. His days of leisure are drawing to a close however, as his own deadly brilliant mind is starting to become restless. He’s half heartedly mentioned attaching himself in a civilian capacity to General Mustang’s office.

General and Pirate, Roy Mustang is 36 years old, about as far as he can climb up the military ladder and just as content with his life as he can be. He is supportive of Alphonse in every way possible and dedicated to making Edward’s life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. He too has seen the signs of Edward’s growing restlessness and rather thinks it’s a shame, but understands. He’s enjoyed the year of Edward slack immensely, because it has made the young man very affectionate and horny in private. Thus contented, his ambitions have waned and he looks forward to retirement that he is sure will come now, as the Parliament has made more friends than enemies in it’s brief existence.

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