The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

So I got these dolls...

 photo smallerCover_zpswghs7wyl.jpg

 photo Flashing-02_zpspdqaqf30.jpg
 photo Flashing-01_zpsossdcshe.jpg

The Cas!Doll doesn't have proper clothing yet, so he's living in an oversized Trenchcoat I got for my Medicom Roy Doll. Here he's taking up flashing as a hobby.

 photo Gun-01_zpsryi1siz2.jpg
 photo Dean-and-Blade-2_zpssd3ke15j.jpg
 photo Dean-and-Blade_zpssl1rntxi.jpg

A few bad ass pictures of Dean!Doll

 photo Dean-and-Al_zps84mzeofu.jpg

And one of my cats, Al, came to investigate.

So, I guess I need to come up with some scripts.

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