The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

My Life in Portrait

 photo friphoto_zps6c0dcb41.jpg
 photo friphoto2_zps178a51b4.jpg
He's usually so photogenic
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Clearly it makes the Colonel less camera-shy to hold on to a comfort object, e.g., Ed's ass.
yes, I can see where that would be an excuse perk
Ah, this one is new to me, and it's glorious! Gorgeous watercolour light, and they both look so sexy and content! And I think from the four stars on his epaulette that this is Fuhrer Roy. \o/ I am very glad to see he still has time in his busy schedule for groping Ed's butt.
The man can hold down many jobs at once, he's miracle
I was trying to decipher the insignia, and went with Colonel to be safe. Fuhrer is better though! Explains the formal hair, too.
in that first pic, it looks like roy is more interested in ed's boybits than the camera....