The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

My Life in Merry Merry

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Roo art, yay!
I think I've seen this one before, wasn't it her Christmas card a while ago? Anyway, it's still gorgeous and I'm always in awe of Roo's way with watercolouring. And although I'm sure I've said this before, HAHAHA of course it's a book. A smelly old alchemy book bought at great expense from a man in a dirty mac in a pub, probably. XD
It was my christmas card one year <333 Roo is gorgeous in her coloring, I really like how she textures hair
Yes, Roy's hair is very touchable.
I want to run my fingers through Roy's bangs in this picture-- they look sooo soft!

Oh yeah, love the rest of the picture too :D
I know, I just want to get my hands all up in his hair too XD
ed gets a book for christmas, hee. makes me wonder what's in the box for roy, tho....
I like bob_fish's description of the book XD As for Roy, well coming from Ed it has skulls or gargoyles....
Yay Roo! This is awesome. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!