The Icon Alchemist (sky_dark) wrote,
The Icon Alchemist

So I got these dolls...

 photo smallerCover_zpswghs7wyl.jpg

 photo Flashing-02_zpspdqaqf30.jpg
 photo Flashing-01_zpsossdcshe.jpg

The Cas!Doll doesn't have proper clothing yet, so he's living in an oversized Trenchcoat I got for my Medicom Roy Doll. Here he's taking up flashing as a hobby.

 photo Gun-01_zpsryi1siz2.jpg
 photo Dean-and-Blade-2_zpssd3ke15j.jpg
 photo Dean-and-Blade_zpssl1rntxi.jpg

A few bad ass pictures of Dean!Doll

 photo Dean-and-Al_zps84mzeofu.jpg

And one of my cats, Al, came to investigate.

So, I guess I need to come up with some scripts.

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I love it! Flasher Cas should so be a thing :D
It really, really should be, or at least it is at my house! XD
Wow, where'd you get the replica of the First Blade? Who were these dolls before they became Dean and Cas?
They were monster high school dolls! If you can believe it. The artists (Gorlassar on Tumblr) MADE the hand holding the first blade and he sculpted the first blade. He made the hand that holds the gun, too and the boots. (I have the original hand and feet). The doll has the Anti-possession tattoo, the mark of cain and Cas' handprint on it's shoulder =)


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Very very cool! Love all the detail to the clothing/props, especially. (Also, I wanted to say hi, because former fandom crossroads are always so surreal to me. HI!)
Hi! Yes they are really detailed, the artist did an amazing job! =)

Deleted comment

I had that option XD But I wanted a green eyed Dean =)
LOL! The CAT!!!!! IT's SPN Land of the Giants! LOL Brilliant and the First Blade too. What a great pair of figures.
Thanks! The cat was very interested and hard to shoo away XD She must like Dean XD
Cat seems to like the smell of his hair. :D
Or the smell of the artists cats XD She was pretty interested
These are cool figures - did you buy or make them? Cas flashing made me laugh!
Thanks. I commissioned someone to make them for me =) He's working on Cas' clothes now, so he won't be a stripper for long!


2 years ago

Wow, Al-kitten has gotten so big! I remember when she was a tiny thing just a few years ago
Yeah, she and Ling battle it out for Queen of the house now =)
Oh, I hope you get or make scripts! (I'm jumping up and down in anticipation here. :D )
I'll work on it, I promise!
These figures are great! :D
Thanks! =D
Beautiful figures, and Dean's looking exceptionally badass. (Is he modeled after vampire slayer vamp!Dean?)

. . .but where is Sam hiding? In the Impala? :)
I am not sure which Dean he used as model, I should ask him! Yes, for now Sam is just off camera! These guys are a bit pricey, so while I will be getting Sam I have to pay off Cas' outfit first. He doesn't have a Sam in his shop right now (he sold the base model he had), so I might have to wait a bit!
The Dean doll is amazing!!

thanks for sharing!

I really like the overdone features on Dean. Your pic of Dean with the Impala in the background is cool. :D

I recently added a ken!Castiel to my collection. He doesn't look completely like Castiel in the face, but his mopey expression is at least suggestive of Cas.
Thanks! I'm overly attached to them both already XD I hope to do some photo stories with them like I've done with my FMA dolls =)

I have a ken!Mulder and barbie!Scully, as well as various other dolls in my collection, too. I was just so happy to find this artist and he was willing to take commissions!